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Re: Low Buck Build Threads Help or LBBTH

I used to do that actually. And I've just been lazy really. For me if it's a good build, it doesn't really matter if it's an S10 or AD pickup. But I will try and at least give a small description. When I look for these builds I have to go through other builds and spend time searching through the user and signatures just to find them often times. Luckly sometimes an avatar will give hints or somebody will post something in a build that will give me clues to those builds. I don't always know what kind of truck they are building or if it is in my criteria really before I click. Sometimes the builds are dead or non active and that can be a turn off for some. But then there will be one build that seems dead comes back to life. Generally I'm looking for owner built, simple but honest builds. Cost has some to do with it and other things I'm finicky about. More personal than general. Sometimes other board members will post up builds too. I keep hoping more will do so. Thanks for the advice and I will do better. Also thanks for looking in. It's really time consuming to find these builds. They're not as easy to find as one might think. Using the search function on here and like many other builds is sort of elusive really. Hit or miss. Thanks once again!
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