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8' Upper Bed Moldings w/Clips?

Would like some thoughts on the WIW question for both sides of the upper bed side molding from an 8' bed. NO major dings or added screws, fit bed quite well with no pulled or bent sections. Was all held in place by the original GM clips which I have also. Removed from '70 3/4 ton and used the clips, not the later sticky adhesive clips GM went to I believe in '72. Driver quality with some minor nicks, nothing major at all. End short molding sections tight with the connecting pieces intact. 12 clips per side, total of 24. One side had one style of clips, other side had another style. Truck showed no signs of a re-paint, do not know whey two different styles on same truck? Two clips have the spring tang missing but think could still be used. Maybe with a dab of silicon?.
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