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Swap TH350--->700R4????

FIRST BUILD (attempt)

In the process of doing suspension work for a 58 Apache on a 77 C10 frame. Been thinking of swapping the TH350 for a 700R4. From what I've read and looked up I have a 3.73 gear ratio, (I found this by following info on a YouTube video, I marked a line in the drive line and wheel to count revolutions. I spun the tire two complete rotations and the driveline rotated 3.73 times. Please me know if this sounds correct to you) Is this rear end good for either trans, or if I stick with the 350 should I get a different rear end. Tires won't be too big because of the wider track width of the frame. Thinking of running 225/50/16 Front and 235/50/16 rears. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Angelo S
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