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Thanks for all the info guys appreciate it. Will mostly be in town driving cruising in the weekend maybe the occasional day trip out of town. I'm hoping to get some sheet metal hung this wknd to see what will actually fit! Appreciate the tips and info guys.

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what the others said.

if you want, you can play around with some calculators to get ideas:

this one needs tire diameter and transmission gear ratio--

for the tire diameter (if you want to see what a different tire does)

for the 350 TH the trans gear is 1.0, for the 700r4 it is .7 in OD

depends on what sort of driving you intend to do. the 3.73 gives the best acceleration but if you get out on the highway much you might not like it with the 350. I have a 700r with a 3.07. I leave it in D (3rd) around town (tires are 275/60r15)
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