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Re: Man o man... Customer support...

Originally Posted by weq92f View Post
Each his own I suppose. The 400+ refund will reach my account soon.

What I'm concerned about is that they took the money immediately on the false pretense that the item was "in stock" and would ship out as soon as the money reaches the vendor. Then, 24 hours later, they tell the customer, it will not arrive for another 3+ weeks. Then I wait for 3 weeks to confirm the shipment and am told they have no idea when it will ship and they have no way to determine when it will ship.

I'm going to guess you've never worked in a warehouse or a sales counter.
The person or online site only can go by the fact that the inventory system says it's in stock..
They have no control over it being wrong.. or the part/box being damaged. but counted as good.. until a person goes to pull it from the shelf..
and no control of when the vendor (headman) will do another run of those headers..
Have you ordered straight from headman and got your headers.. My guess is nope. and even if you did re order through them you'll still be waiting..

Happy holidays..
It's ok.. 7 out of 10 customers are just like this.. and why people hate working retial.
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