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Re: S-10 Drive Shaft Needed

if his double cardan is good, inland can repair (if needed) and rebalance the driveshaft. a cut and balance no u-joints usually runs me $125, so that might be a good guide.

they will probably want the whole thing, and those arent the easiest to pull. best advice I have for removal is to take the axle/sping u bolts out and pull the axle back a few inches. if you dont, the driveshaft will come very close to coming out but wont. doing it this way also makes it easier to separate the flange from the pinion.

if you need a yoke for the trans to keep all the fluid in I have one he can borrow. I am just north of wichita.

oh one more thing, if he has lowered the truck with blocks, his vibration is likely the center bearing needs shimmed.
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