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Re: Post you patina trucks!!!!!! Real or fake post your weathered beauties!

Originally Posted by Dm1pfoy1 View Post
Yeah because your patina is real and mines a very close copy. Just real deal looks much better.
Ahhh..OK. I was a bit confused- Thanks! I don't think my truck isn't anywhere near as cool as a lot of the stuff on here- even just in this thread. Looking at these pics just shows me how far I have to go but inspire me as to how cool a ride it'll be when its done.

I stopped by the machine shop this morning- got all my questions answered and saw my buddy at his resto-shop (he had a $2MM dollar cobra in there- real deal, big block car, no bull- I couldn't believe I was standing in the same room as it). He's going to come by and take a look at mine and tell me what he thinks it'll take to do the rockers and cab corners....
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