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Re: Do you have a 1972 Plaid Pickup?

You may be right about Tim's truck, having never seen the SPID, but as I remember it has always been represented to me as an original K20 Highlander.
The other 4x4 20 Highlander I know of is known to have been converted and apparently with 6 lug parts!

The data books state Highlander Plaid as avaliable on C10-30 Fleetsides & Longhorns, no exclusions on Blazers and specifically C10-20 Suburbans only.

The Highlander Promo Package flyers state only 10 20 and 30 without definition as to "C" or "K" plus of course that it was also available in Blazers and Suburbans as well.

Having seen pictures of "K" Highlanders in addition to Tim's I felt they were legitimate production vehicles possibly as Promos or special order. It is curious that they would even restrict the trim option at all considering there are no special parts other than the seat cover.

At this point I cannot find a "K" pickup plaid SPID in my collection but have lots to look through.
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