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Re: Do you have a 1972 Plaid Blazer/Jimmy?

Originally Posted by DeadheadNM View Post
#1 - the DF2 camper mirrors are the large stainless steel examples (example here: ). These were the only optional mirror for 72 K5s (pickups also had below-eyeline mirrors as an option) and are included on the promotional package highlanders such as yours (RPO YG8). I say YES!

#2 - you'll hear many opinions. Mine would be to keep it completely stock as I'm an admitted purist. Take a look through the SPIDs on this thread - how many 2wd examples are posted? Not many original 2wds K5s are kept stock let alone the unicorn highlander example and it would probably stand out splendidly against the now modified norm. Post up some pics when possible of the engine compartment.

#3 - are you sure the tranny is original to the blazer? Check the code stamped onto the oil pan. If original keep it. Since the 700r4 is already installed just go with it. Hang onto any parts related to the tranny. I installed a 700r4 in my K20 but it has 4.10 gears. I rebuilt the original th350 for my highlander, which now has 3.73 gears, to maintain originality. For the type of driving I'll do and with 33" tires the th350 will be fine.

#4 - see #2. If you are happy its all good. Keep the old parts if you still have them.

If you still have buyers remorse let me know I might be able to cure that Do you have any of the original sales paperwork or the metal protect-o-plate? What else were you thinking of in terms of trying to get it back to a more stock appearance?
I agree with DeadheadNM, good advise.
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