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Re: Swap Gears or Whole Axle

Originally Posted by CJM72 View Post
Yes, I'm leaning that way at the moment based on all the replies. If I'm going to do it, I should just do it right. Might be a good winter project when I can pull the complete axles out. However, I can find dozens of threads where people advise others to just get it done professionally! We'll see how bad it is with the 3.08s. Maybe I won't make it until next fall if it's too sluggish.
I feel sorry for you, reading these replies,some are good and a couple clearly don't have a clue.I don't like to involve myself,but it aggravates me to see people giving terrible info to another person who wants to know and doesn't know.I have been building rears for close to 40 years,when I sell a used or rebuilt rear it comes with a guarantee.I am in upstate NY and you can feel free to call me 518-234-2480 or 518-528-2646 cell Dennis I will say this Yukon and Auburn are products I will not use.I build rears with only quality parts
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