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Re: Best Buget Welder To Buy?

Originally Posted by marcsRX View Post
having a hard time finding one that will do that....

Any recommendations?
I bought a lincoln 135 from home depot about 5 years ago as a simple mig machine to do little parts so we didn't need to tie up our big machines turned out to be a really great machine for general purpose repair. Here is a link to the 140 that is comparable to the small one i have.

If your budget will allow for a bigger machine.. No doubt i would buy miller and this is a great light industrial machine that will last a long time.

just incase your wondering this is what we use. MIG

and TIG

im not saying these are the best machines or that is the best place to buy.. but it is what we use. indiana oxygen has great competitve prices and ive bought machines from them in the past.
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