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Re: Best Buget Welder To Buy?

Originally Posted by culp7 View Post
Thanks Tx Firefighter, you have been a huge help in deciding.. So as a Shopping list I need a:

Welder, Welding Wire, Gas W/ Bottle, Gloves, Helmet, and Gas regulater?

Am I missing anything that I would need to start welding?
You've got it covered. Depending on which welder you buy, it will come with the regulator and hose. You can usually buy gas bottles real cheap on Craigslist. Just look at the bottle and find the latest hydrostatic date. It will be a year stamped into the bottle near the valve. Make sure it is within the last 10 years. Buy it and take it to a welding house and swap it for a full one.

For gloves, I use normal leather work gloves for most mig work. Some spots and shot beads don't make enough heat to need the big heavy welding gloves. Only if I'm running beads for long lengths do I put on the thick ones.
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