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pro comp distributors

This was an experiment. learn from my mistake =-)

ok so a year ago after finishing the front end on my baby.i decided to get a procomp distributor.
it was reccomended for racing and affordable.
out of the box it was a direct msd knock off which was great at like i dunno 80 bucks less.

well it worked great at first.
over the past year ive eaten two distro caps and two rotors
and i could never get the timing to come in just right.
went to put a mr gasket weight and spring kit.
i could only use the springs due to the center part for the weights being welded in on the procomp shaft. yes welded.

so i riped her apart today because i couldnt idle.. couldnt accelerate worth a damn etc.

here's the list of problems.
-the shaft was welded, the plate in which your weights was not pressed on and after removal of the shaft fell right off.
-the studs for the weights pulled out under daily driving conditions.
-the entire billet distrubitor was made 1/4 in longer then other brands so the few other old distros in the garage could not be used to rebuild it.
-the gear was not shimmed at all which caused the distro to shift upward and rub the plastic on the cap and destroyed it. and the rotor and ate the bottom of the billet housing.
the bearings were poorly matched do the rotor wabbled causing the rotor point to bend back .
also a normal cap and rotor were not useable, their reccomended replacements are MSD cap n rotor but you have to drill the rotor for it to fit this disrto.. grrrr

the good.
it's got a great gear on the bottom. it matches all the others i have in garage.
BUT it's matched to the rest of the carb. it's teeth are just off enough that if i use it on another distro i cannot (withing reason and my valve cover clearance) get to proper initial timing on my truck..
so gears saved for a gokart project or something..

the card and magnetic pick up were of good quality. and i reused them

to make this a good distro i installed the guts into a stock hei unit, used my mrgasket weight and spring kit, shimmed her up really nice. got a new cap and rotor and installed her. yaaaay...
too me two and a half hours of swearing and cleaning of parts to find out how to make one good distro...

thanks for reading!

oh. and also. when used in track only cars the few friends i know running these on NA motors havent complained.. BUT that's at a 1/8 mile at a time.
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