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Re: POL 55-59 6 Lug Disc

Got a request to close the thread with how it turned out
Basically, POL kept kicking it down the road saying "I told my manager" and "We're working on a resolution, should know next week" and "Oh, you thought we meant *this* week? No, Next Week" until 6 weeks went by, countless followup emails, and POL never did a damned thing for me. Just placate & delay - that is all their customer service ammounts to.
I think all that was really wrong was that the brake pads were cheapos that were too thick by a 1/16 or so. I eventually got everything to fit, I think, but I haven't gotten to drive the truck yet.
What still burns my ass about it is the total lack of customer service. Even though I think their brackets, in the end, were fine - getting the dustoff from a company I just dropped 3/4 of a paycheck with just isn't cool in my book.
So I give POL two thumbs down. One for product that didn't fit, two for bad customer service.
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