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Re: Power Brake Booster Adapter Bracket

Yes there is a problem with the column shift. The shift lever hits most of the boosters that are used. Sounds like mmmBoost has an idea how to overcome the issue, but it sounds like he has not done it yet.

When I designed this booster bracket, I was working on a 4 speed truck that was going to be a floor shifter automatic. It did not dawn on me until after a member bought ont, that there was a problem with the column shifted trucks. Apparently this is why the factory brackets locate the booster so far from the firewall.

You can use any disc/drum proportioning valve and master with any of the compatable boosters.

Originally Posted by Racinaround View Post
I thought there was a post saying there was a problem with column shift and for some reason I was thinking automatic not manual.
Just to make sure it has the bugs work out.
I'm going to get one

Do you use the 71 proportioning valve with the 2000 s10 master / booster?
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