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Re: Blazers and Jimmys, What is your favorite? how many have you had?

We bought a new 69 GMC when I was 16. I drove it through High School. Many great memories with that truck. Always loved the big chrome grill.
When my own son got ready to drive, we were lucky enough to come across a 72 2wd Jimmy with a Cheyanne package and air up at the Turlock swap meet. He drove this truck through high school and left it here in the barn for a few years after he left home.
He would never sell it to me but his mother finally talked him out of it about ten years ago. I have been wrenching on it since then. Its a labor of love I guess. This one will stay in the family I guess. Weve had it for 28 years now.
Maybe a grandson will get it when Im gone. GMC made very good trucks.
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