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Re: 90 Suburban questions

Originally Posted by Old65C10 View Post
90 Suburban Questions
That's a lot of questions...

...sorry. I always have to make the same comment whenever anyone mentions anything having to do with a "Brazilian" as well.

Originally Posted by Old65C10 View Post
Oh, and according to the original info from GM the same 5.7L in the 2wd trucks had 210HP and in the 4x4 it was 190HP. Why, and what is the difference?
A lot of times there are differences between platforms either because of exhaust/engine air induction differences, or intentionally detuned for marketing reasons.

The 2008 Hummer 6.2L engine was rated at 398HP (net) in the Hummer, but the same engine in the Escalade was 403HP.

For a 1990 Suburban: I don't see a distinction in the literature between 2wd and 4wd.

In this case it seems to be GVW rated (below 8600 vs above 8600). That happens to be the breakpoint between LD and HD emissions packages.

In the truck world "HD" does not equal "high performance". Heavy Duty equates to increased durability, which is usually attained through 4 bolt mains and lower compression ratio, which also results in lower peak power output.

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