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Re: 90 Suburban questions

I don't want a hot rod. As long as it tows my trailer the few times a year that I need it to, I am fine.
Other than that it will be used to do some camping in, exploring the Back Country Discovery Routes and forest service roads.
Mileage will be low. I sold my K30 almost 2 years after I got it, and I put under 2500 miles on it. I hope to do more with the Sub, but if I do 5,000 a year I will be surprised.
rpmerf, thanks for the link, I have read it and it gives me some ideas of what to get, and not get. If I can get another 50-70HP out of it I will be thrilled. It will take time, but no big deal.

One more question, is there a place I can look on the web, or here that would give me the dimensions needed to figure out what size lift this truck has? Like center of the axle to fender lip? I think it may be a 4in, but I will not know without something to measure it by. I would have preferred a stock height, but this is the only one I could find that had the spec's I wanted in a decent condition.
First thing I need to do is a full inspection and make sure it is all good, then I need to get rid of the stupid wheels it has on it. Someone put some big 20-22in rims on it and it looks, well, wrong. Just not right for a 50 year old white guy from farm country.
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