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Amp-in up the ol farm truck

This is my frist installation of an amp into a vehicle, and id appreciate your guys help.

The Amp im using is a jl audio e4300, it came with just the amp and the instruction manual. Got it pretty cheap, so im happy with it.

* Class AB 4-Channel Amplifier
* Absolute Symmetry Class AB Circuit
* Differential, Noise Cancelling Input Topology: RCA jack inputs(low-level) and multi-pin jack(high-level)
* On-board crossover: State-variable, 12dB/octave Butterworth with continuously variable cutoff frequency selection from 50-200 Hz. Configurable as Low-Pass or High-Pass
* Preamp Output: Pass-through type
* CEA-2006 Compliant
* RMS Power Rating (14.4V):
o 4 ohms: 70 watts x 4 chan.
o 2 ohms: 110 watts x 4 chan.
o Bridged (4 ohms): 220 watts x 2 chan.
o Bridged (8 ohms): 140 watts x 2 chan.
* RMS Power Rating (12.5V):
o 4 ohms: 45 watts x 4 chan.
o 2 ohms: 75 watts x 4 chan.
o Bridged (4 ohms): 150 watts x 2 chan.
o Bridged (8 ohms): 90 watts x 2 chan.
* Frequency Response: 10 - 25kHz
* Damping Factor: >200 @ 4 Ohms / 50Hz, >100 at 2 Ohms/50Hz
* S/N Ratio: >104 dB referred to rated power(A-weighted, 20Hz-20kHz noise bandwidth)
* Input Range: 200mV - 8V RMS
* Bass EQ: +6dB Fixed Frequency, Fixed 'Q' with port for optional remote bass control
* Slew Rate: +- 22V/us
* Dimensions: 13.8" L x 9.25" W x 2.36" H


My headunit is an old kenwood krc-3005, it has 4x normal outputs, and 2 rca outputs. (i choose to not cut the dash in this old truck, its my work truck not a toy truck, so i don't think it needs it)

Behind the seat i have two older mtx truck boxes and two older alpine 6x9s. Ive been debating lately to swap out the 6x9s for a set of cheap duals i have laying around and swap the mtxs for two 10 inch subs, but still debating that, if i can make this set thump enough for me ill be happy. (i know i need some sound dampener back there, any cheap suggestions that's easy to remove in 6 months? lol)

the duals i may swap out for, waiting on bigblock73s cab corner brackets, may go alpine type r 6x9s.. who knows right now lol.

So far, what ive determined, however correct or incorrect it may be, is that since i have a 4 channel amp, i need a Y connector to split the single lead from my headunit in two. At walmart (hey its cheap dont hate) they only had the ones that split at the headunit, not the amp, so i ran over to best buy and they had the adapters i needed. Walmarts amp kits are 12ga@180rms or so, and 8ga@400rms. The install kit is 25 bucks for the 8ga, and 15 for the 12ga. It includes 16.5 foot of power lead, 3 or so feet of ground lead, 6 or so feet of preout lead, and a key on lead.

As i read the manual, it stated i needed 4awg-8awg, 8awg being the minimum, so would you guys feel safe running the 8ga instll kit, or would i need to bump it up to their master install kit thing, which is like 1000watts nonrms, which i think would be overkill for this amp. I also need an amp for the main power wire, but thats no biggie.

Second question. Say im running at 45x4x4ohms, would it be okay to use 18ga speaker wire? its what i already have in the truck, and have plenty of, but will upgrade if needed. If i ran just the mtxs at 150x2x4ohms, what gauge of wire would i need?

Since there is no cable input other than rca and highpower, i assume i dont need to run speaker line into the amp? it takes all the audio from the rca cables? If so, can i run the 6x9s off the rear speaker wiring, and just run the mtxs bridged off the amp?

Any advice on how to set up the front controls and knobs, or where to start and how to adjust for better quality?

Last question (for now, ill probably have more) what would you run the main power off of if you didnt want to disturb the factory orignal wiring? I had a buddy who used to install radios tell me the solenoid would be a good place to pull off of with a ring terminal, would you guys fear using this? Im going to ask my brother whos heavily into his car audio about that one, maybe he will help me, doesn't usually thats why im here lol)

Any advice you guys have im willing to hear it, suggestions or otherwise. Im new to the car audio world, 18years young, and would love to be led in the right direction. Thanks guys.

Oh, one more thought, didnt someone make a front speaker bracket for the 73-87 for two fornt speakers? I was thinking about mounting my two 4" pioneers up front, and maybe running two tweets to the A pillars. yes or no on the tweeters?

Thanks again guys. If you need clarification lemme know, ill try to describe what im asking to the best of my knowledge.
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