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Re: INNOVATE DLG1 Wideband O2 Oxygen Sensor Tuning Diagnostics Logging Air Fuel Ratio

well gentlemen I have thrown a bunch of numbers at you and that's all fine and dandy but it all don't mean nothin' if the truck don't run good and don't drive good, am I right?

so how is the driveability?

well it's good, actually it's very good, the best way I can describe it as I get closer to the 14.7 magical number AFR for my idle circuit is that the truck feels LIGHTER, it no longer feels like I am pulling a 2 ton truck ie 4,000 lbs it feels like a hot rod, for real

the Goal being:

Idle = 14.x AFR (this is the P.I.A. hard to get still consistently)

Cruise = 15.x AFR (we got this, so that's good) whoa Greg aint that too lean? no everything I read says at part throttle cruise, ie you in truck with one arm around your girlfriend on the bench seat cruisin' at 70 MPH down the highway (praying the wife don't catch you, jk) only takes maybe 30 HP to move that truck so lean aint dangerous cause they aint a huge load on our rigs, read up on it fellers it's facinating stuff

but we are not out of the woods just yet, I am learning that this 4160 carburetor although a very good carb, (for 93% of us daily drivers, not 92% not 94%, ha ha but 93%) is NOT very tuneable

say what?

allow me to explain, it would be better if I could tune two other things, one being the idle air bleeds (tiny vertical pipes in the main body of the carb) and the second the idle feed restrictions (tiny little tunnels in the metering blocks) again neither adjustable on the 4160 carb (can we say Quick Fuel Technologies... stay tunned)

pics of me trying to get to 14.7 AFR at idle
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