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Re: INNOVATE DLG1 Wideband O2 Oxygen Sensor Tuning Diagnostics Logging Air Fuel Ratio

Originally Posted by SkinnyG View Post
Does it idle best at 14.x:1? Or is that just your target?
It is just a target / goal.

Originally Posted by SkinnyG View Post
I usually set idle mixture as lean as I can yet keep the engine happy and stable. It's not always 14.7, it's usually richer, like into the 13's. But - not all engines are equal.
I understand how time of day can even effect a carb so that optimal settings are just hypothetical, but I still want a carb to be able to reach that ratio even if most of the time I am happy like you with a 13.x

Originally Posted by SkinnyG View Post
Idle mixture ~shouldn't~ affect WOT, since idle ports and transition ports/slots require vacuum to work, and WOT should have zero vacuum - all venturi, baby, yeah!
I hear you, however please check out Gerards Bob2000 webpage at Carburetor Tuning the Scientific Way I think the guy has been there and done that plus he is an engineer from Cal Poly, so all in all smart dude. He reiterates what I have read in other places that the circuits build on top of each other, Idle + Transfer + Main + Power Valve

I have included a diagram from his site below

Originally Posted by SkinnyG View Post
Float level will affect everything.
thank you for your comments I am a newb at this and not trying to hide it, every bit of information helps as I am learning
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