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Re: The Pig Rig!

I replaced the engine mount inserts. the old mounts fell apart bad. I wanted to use rubber to reduce NVH, but I couldn't find a rubber mount I liked, they all looked like cheap garbage.

The engine is ready to go back in the truck, with the exception of installing the flexplate, it won't fit between the stand and block.

I pulled the steering gearbox, shaft, and pump, in preparation for a frame reinforcement, a box brace, and an XJ steering shaft with U-joints. this part is actually what's holding me back from getting the engine back into the truck. of the four bolts holding the box on, only one was more than finger tight... ! on a more comforting note, I didn't see any cracks in the frame.

with the exception of the Y pipe, the exhaust is trash, I'll have to throw something together to get it roadworthy.

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