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Re: The Pig Rig!

stock spring hanger

hanger removed. an air hammer made this much easier. for the ORD brackets, the original holes have to be drilled to 7/16". doing this with the gas tank in on a suburban, is almost impossible on the driver's side due to clearance issues with the spare tire well. I partially dropped the tank, and used a right angle drill adapter from lowes to get the holes made.

My jack didn't go high enough for me to snake the axle out with the wheels and tires still on, so I improvised and used the cheery picker.

stock Vs. flip

on four wheels!

Unfortunately, ORD forgot the rod ends(they're on the way) when they shipped my high steer kit, and there's no rear driveshaft (being shortened), so it doesn't move yet.

I was making fast progress on the list, but I had to add to it... I think the oil pressure switch on the rear chinawall by the distributor failed. it's hard to see back there to be sure though.

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