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Re: The Pig Rig!

I was able to confirm that the oil leak was from the chinawall oil pressure port, although, it wasn't from the switch, it was from the fittings. then the original one broke, I had to put a few fittings together to make it fit, and the leak was from one of the intermediate fittings. I was able to get it back together, but I haven't had a chance to re-test it yet.

I got all the brake lines tight, but I still need to bleed them, and adjust the rear shoes, I plan to try and get that done this weekend.

The only other snafu is the parking brake cable. in current form, it's about 2" too short, I have a few plans of how to handle that, the fastest solution I think I have, it to weld up a longer parking brake cable connector to make up the difference. it shouldn't be too hard.
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