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Re: The Pig Rig!

1970gmc20, I might do something like that, it depends on if I get a winch or not.

A quick shot of the transmission awaiting the t-case

this was the first start of a bumper, I wasn't happy with the results though, so I scrapped it.

I then got 4 pieces of flat stock, drilled the appropriate holes, and bolted them to the frame. once they were bolted in place, I tack welded them to ensure they didn't move relative to each other.

then I tacked the tube to it,

then I cut two V-notches into it at each frame rail.

and, with the assistance of a 2x4 and a ratchet strap, bent the ends to a fairly close match to the grill.

Next, I am going to cut pockets to hold a couple of ammo cans and allow for storage of a recovery gear. if I can find on before I leave for alaska, I will also notch it and install a winch between the frame rails.
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