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Re: The Pig Rig!

well, life happens, and I haven't updated anyone on whats really been going on.

crummy pics, sorry...

on the night of the morning of June 26th(morning being 2:00 am...) I was on the way home from picking my dad up at the airport for the Alaska trip, and then disaster. I looked into my side view mirror, just in time to see rapidly approaching headlights with just about enough time to say holy F**K before a drunk nailed the rear bumper and began pushing his way up the entire side of the truck, no driver's side panel was spared from damage. cops came, arrested the POS drunk, and dad and I finally got home around 4 am, tired, angry, and a bit frustrated, I downed a beer called my insurance company, and went to bed. about 2 hours later, the adjuster calls and asks if he can swing by that day, which worked out better for my dad and I because we were planning on leaving one way or another, for Alaska the following day. the adjuster showed up, started looking at the truck and kept saying he thought it was in excellent shape, but, would almost definitely be totaled. this was not at all unexpected, but still, hearing it was a major bummer.

at this point, dad and I have 3 options,

1: take my 06 2500hd to Alaska instead, I needed to put the shell back on, and do a ton of last minute maintenance, I've neglected it a bit in favor of fixing the Pig Rig for the trip.

2: don't go to Alaska, there are bunches of cool places to go closer to home. but, I already spent a ton of money on a ferry.

3: F**k it, take the Pig Rig to Alaska anyways.

after about 45 minutes of debate, and attempting to beat the bumper back to at least halfway straight. we chose option 3! we loaded the truck, with gear, and took off!

the first leg of the trip, we had to cannonball a bit, I had the a ferry booked, that left Port Hardy on the 29th, and the booking slip says be there two hours early, so, 5 am... we hauled all the way up to Port Angels, WA, and picked up a ferry to Victoria, BC. We then drove the length of Vancouver Island, all the way to Port Hardy for the ferry.

in Port Angels/ferry

Pig on a ferry

into Canada

the sign at the Bear Cove Ferry terminal

The next Ferry

Me and the truck in the ferry

From the ferry

Camping spot in Prince Rupert, BC

Thats all for tonight, I'll upload some more over the next few days.
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