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Originally Posted by 1976gmc20 View Post
We used to go up to Eklutna Lake for picnics and driftwood bonfires on the gravel beach

It was just a few miles up the road from Chugiak so perfect for a quick getaway.

One time at Thunderbird Falls, a couple friends and I got adventurous and climbed up above the falls. As "brave mountaineers" we scrambled up this cliff and found ourselves in somebody's backyard looking right into their patio door - oops!
lol, we definitely saw a few structures fairly close.

We drove down to Homer Spit, which looked really cool in the pictures, and it was a pretty awesome drive, but when we got there, it was absolutely packed with people, so we rolled on. it's a shame, because the ongoing forest fires greatly reduced visibility.

I thought these were kinda cool for bridge railing. they were somewhere in Anchorage

Road pics on the way to Homer

you can see a little snow still clinging to life...

it's a real shame how poorly the depth and color shows in the pictures...

on Homer Spit, we didn't end up with a ton of pictures, it was a nightmare trying to navigate the place because there were so many people around. I'm hoping the go-pro I had on the dash caught some good shots.

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