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Re: New to me 78 burb

Originally Posted by Old65C10 View Post
I love your Suburban, it is perfect. The wheels and tires look great as well as the stance.
I have a 90 V2500. If I could have 2 Suburbans, my second one would be just like yours, but with a 73-74 grill and two tone (blue with white inset)
Keep up the good work, I love to see these nice old trucks mildly customized in a way that does not cause permanent damage. Someday it may be worth a lot more stock than modified.
thanks that's what i was going for when i built it because i still want to use it like a truck to tow my vw to shows and haul my family around. i think when i'm off for Christmas i'll put the lowered shackles on it and just go one more inch in the back. my next thing i want to do is either install efi or gear vendor i'll just have to save up.
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