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Re: Q: will 4x4 rear springs work on my 4x2 blazer?

Originally Posted by sweetk30 View Post
springs are the same . its the height of the hangers on the vehicle frame for our square body trucks .

now there is different packs for leaf count and weight capacity so watch out for this .

also there is 52" eye to eye and 56" eye to eye . the 56" is more heavy 3/4 and all 1tons but some 1/2 tons got them .

most replacement springs are cheaper for the heavy option as most are upgrading . lots of times all you need to do a clamp the springs both sides of the center pin and pull the pin let the pack un compress BE CAREFUL and pull the lowest spring / shortest / bottom leaf and re assemble and install .
awesome info. i bought a set of 4x4 blazer springs from S&D
Suspension i will like the additional 1" lift as i like to 70's rake thing.
i thank you much. dave.

Originally Posted by mongocanfly View Post
Or just have yours re-arched the way you want them...
sorry i cant do the rearch as one complete spring is broken in half and the rest are badly stressed. but good idea. thx dave
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