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Re: Crate engine install

I know from research on this site that choosing an engine and asking about one is all but wore out.
But I really could use some advice.
You say that the 350/290 is not a good choice?!
I would of thought GM could provide decent quality.
Would you guys, suggest something in the $3K ballpark?
I'd like to stay with regular pump gas. Although I will be using ethanol free gas.
I have access to the shop I work at with overhead cranes and all kinds of tools. With a couple of friends to help me along.
I understand that choosing the right powerhouse is personal because of the way each one of us drives.
I like to play with my vehicles, from stop light to stop light.
Not so much top end high speeds. Although I will be doing some highway driving.
I had a 351 Windsor as a teen that scooted along so much better than the original engine in my truck does. Or did before it started pouring coolant out the tail pipe.

If anyone would like to throw out some suggestions on a 350 engine. I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for the help so far!
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