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Re: Vintage Air

Mine is pretty good. The fan is kind of loud, and the heater part of it is not as good as the oem fresh air heater. It is what it is, a retrofit unit into an old hot rod truck that has been insulated as well as possible. I have driven in ambient temps as high as 105 to 110 degrees and it does get a bit warm inside still. You know, the sweaty back against the seat... but overall it's not bad considering. I'll admit I'm spoiled by my 2017Silverado and if my 1966 didn't have the Vintage Air, it would stay parked more often than not in the summer sround here. I have also noticed that running "max a/c" for extended periods seems to cause the evaporator to ice up reducing its efficiency. I get that impression because after I stop for a break on a long haul, it wil begin to release a rather large puddle of condensation as the coils warm up.

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