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Re: Vintage Air

Originally Posted by AcampoDave View Post
I use the under dash manifold with the single left hander that comes in the kit. The vents look like those in post #3. It could be low air flow alright because I do run the fan speed pretty low. The whine on that fan grates on my nerves once it gets cranked up toward half throttle. (I'm weird that way though, whiney noise can bug the crap outta me. Good thing I didn't have kids )
LMAO I have heard that they are noisy. Here in Florida with the humidity AC cools pretty good but I also spend part of the year in the desert in Southern Cal where I am from the dry Air doesn’t cool as easily I will be using the center vent that Jim reproduces as well as the additional side vents thanks for the input
Hand made A/C vent manifolds for 64-66 trucks adapts any aftermarket A/C to OEM vent
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