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Re: why do so many like 6 cly over v8

Well I have a 250 I6, a 350 V8, and a 454 V8. I like each one equally in its own way. The I6 has enough power to get up and go and it is good on gas. It gets the same gas mileage as my 350 vortec, the 350 I like because it has raw power but yet the gas mileage is managable, and last but not least, the 454 is freaking awesome because it has nothing but power, but I hate to drive it anywhere because of the gas it guzzles. So basically just what everyone else has said, whatever floats your boat bud. If you want that power and sound, then go with the V8 of some size. If you want gas mileage, go with something a little less in size and quieter. It's all a matter of choice, and that is what I love about these trucks. They are all rebuilt by us to customize it to what we want.
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