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Re: 89 S10 Backup Lights Dead (how to remove NS/BU switch)

Somebody goofed when they wrote the Haynes manual, as the R&R it describes is obviously for the dimmer switch. I also have a Chilton's manual for this truck, and found that it has the correct info on how to remove this switch (section 6, chassis electrical, page 208, for anyone that has this book).

The description in the Chilton's is what I expected. It says to use a small pry bar to expand the backup switch-to-steering column retainers and remove the switch from the steering column. See part photo below.

Note that it does NOT say which bits on the switch are the "backup switch-to-steering column retainers". There are 5 pieces that go into the column, including the switch "blade" (the yellow plastic piece). Looks like the parts to pry open are on the BACK side of the switch, the ones that are closer together, and NOT the two at the front of the switch. Looks like it's going to be difficult to get to these, and will probably require using a small screwdriver. I have a very small pry bar, but doubt it will fit.

I will buy a new one first, and report back when I get it fixed.

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