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Re: 89 S10 Backup Lights Dead (how to remove NS/BU switch)

PROBLEM SOLVED! In my case, it was the backup light switch that was bad.

I first removed the switch. To remove it, I used a 6-inch prybar to spread each of the ears on the cam on the BACK of the switch. Note that there is a bit of space under each ear inward from the part that snaps into the steering column. That's where you have to get the prybar. You have to do it from the back/downward side of the switch. There was just barely enough room to get in there, but it was not hard to do.

Once off, I pulled the backup light plug off far enough to get my multimeter probes in. With ignition on and trans in Reverse gear, I had power TO the switch, but no current through it. I then plugged the new switch in and tested the lights with the switch non installed, and they worked, so all I had left was to snap the switch into the column. That was not hard either.
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