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Re: 89 S10 Backup Lights Dead (how to remove NS/BU switch)

Originally Posted by Katrina/10 View Post
I'm glad you figured it out. I could find no information on how to remove that switch. Seems like it would difficult to get it out, considering where it is and what you have to do. Good picture of it, I may buy a switch just to have on hand so I can see how to get the old one out.
Yeah, it's good to have backup lights again, necessary where I live. If/when you replace your switch, you will find it an easy job. In the attached photo, I've circled in red the two ears you have to pry outward/upward to remove the switch. I was able to remove the switch, then unplug the two plugs (mine does not use the lone spade connector on the right side of the new switch, no idea what it is for).
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