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Re: 89 S10 Backup Lights Dead (how to remove NS/BU switch)

Originally Posted by Katrina/10 View Post
Thanks, I see that better now. Do you have to pry the tabs away from each other to remove the switch? And they are on the lower side, closer to the floor, right?
No, I pried up the right side first, then the left side, which worked fine. They don't need to be pried very far, just enough to clear the slot in the steering column. I had to pry up both sides (would not come off after getting one side off).

Yes, the cam with the tabs is closer to the floor, so you have to do it by FEEL. You can feel the raised part where the corner of the pry bar will need to go (can't fit the whole thing, just a corner of it). My pry bar is a tiny version of a flat style crowbar. If you have a set of plastic pry bars (like for removing door panels and such), one of those will probably work.
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