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Re: 383 on Ebay - Anybody like this setup?

Originally Posted by cableguy0 View Post
It shouldnt be too bad.just by glancing at the specs i would say your gonna make nice power between 2500-6500 give or take.That cam in a 350 would probably peak out around 6700 and start making power around 3000. That cam is fairly lumpy but being a 383 it will help a bit with that. your in the right neighborhood on converter. I would go with a 3.73 gear if it was me but the 3.42 gear will work just fine. the 383 and low first gear of the 700r4 will make up for it coming off the line. I hope you got a good torque converter and a stout 700r4. If you get too spirited with the throttle in that thing your gonna shred that 700r4.
Haha - Yea - The 700r4 has been rebuilt but not rated for this power . Im sure i will find all the weak points in my set up -I have a 3.73 rear end but its a single leg . I only go to the drag strip(1000' in AR) a couple of times a year so Im just going leave the 3.42's in until i get back from the power tour . I can't wait to hear it run .Thanks Cableguy0
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