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Re: Man o man... Customer support...

Originally Posted by weq92f View Post
...isn't what it used to be....


Wow. Bought from J@E@GG@S ( V1 ) some H@E@D@M@A@N ( V2 ) tubes back in december.

Item was marked in stock, they took my 420 bucks immediately and said it would ship right away.

Got an email some time later that the tubes would ship from the MFG and would most likely arrive on 01/06/2017.

Today ( 01/04/2017 ) I call them ( 3 weeks, 2 days after the $$ went out ). I call V1 and they tell me there isn't anything they can tell me. That sometimes V2 will change their ETA on stuff and there is no tracking information. I'm told by V1 that V1 doesn't have a method of informing me when V2 will ship the tubes.

I call V2 right away. They want the Purchase Order number, which only V1 would have. The guy at V2 asks for the part number puts on hold and comes back and says "Oh those will either ship out tomorrow or Friday."

Hmmm...After I'm told there is nothing V2 can do either. I believe this guy was just getting me off the line by feeding me BS.

I cancelled the order with V1. They seem to not really care.



You could have ordered straight from headman.. but then have to pay the list price.. so you didn't want to do that..

You used to be able to order stuff like this from speedshops local to you, but everyone stopped as the parts cost more that way..

you can still order the stuff through your local parts chain store napa/advanced/etc but that cost more than .
the big box speed shops online so you went for the cheapest way..

Have you ever though of why they can sell cheaper???
They are not paying people that know much other than data entry..

I'm shocked I tell ya, shocked..

What am I shocked about... the customer that cheeped out then complains when parts are sold out ( I know you think you are the only one that ordered those headers and jegs might have had a set in stock, but another order beat you to them) and is wondering why over the holiday's the part is delayed..
Cause no one takes vacations when their family is home and school is out..
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