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Re: Man o man... Customer support...

I buy everything I can locally, from my local CARQUEST store or my local NAPA store. CARQUEST is owned by a husband and wife who have been in the business a very long time and know what you need or try their best to find it. NAPA has some very bright people working there. O'Reilly's has employee turnover that rivals McDonald's and they aren't locally owned. There are some things I have to buy online, but I buy what I can locally. The local guys buy the advertisement in the local high school football and/or basketball teams programs. Does Summit? How about office supplier Quill?

If you and I don't support Main Street America we have nothing to complain about when we are eventually forced to buy everything online. Our community no longer has an appliance store or a jewelry store. People chose to drive two hours to Amarillo, Texas, to make their purchases. Those stores there aren't supporting our local Scout troops, church youth groups, YMCA, etc.

Think about it.
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