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Re: Man o man... Customer support...

Each his own I suppose. The 400+ refund will reach my account soon.

What I'm concerned about is that they took the money immediately on the false pretense that the item was "in stock" and would ship out as soon as the money reaches the vendor. Then, 24 hours later, they tell the customer, it will not arrive for another 3+ weeks. Then I wait for 3 weeks to confirm the shipment and am told they have no idea when it will ship and they have no way to determine when it will ship.

That is bad business. The cancellation was an attempt on my part to punish them for their bad business.

I have another part for another car on back order. It's a 65 dollar expansion tank for my BMW. ECS Tuning has the order all set to go when they get stock on the item. The difference is they did NOT take my money yet. They will take the money when the item ships.

BTW, Special-K, they told me it would arrive on the 6th, not that it would ship on the 6th. So I called on the 4th to confirm the shipment was either on the way or was about to ship out. The answer I got was "we don't know." That's when I posted my rant and cancelled the order.

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