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Re: S10 Swap how to

Ahhhhh... Gotcha. the front mounts use the stock AD mounting holes. Rears are pretty easy. It differs slightly from 47-50 and 51-55.

50 and older; I make 2 3/16" plates that will weld to the bottom of the cab. They should be at least 6"x6". With one edge curved to fit the cab corner. Then I weld them to the underside with 8 1" stitch welds. Once I have all the body mounts in place and bolts dropped into the front mounts, I drill a centered 3/16" pilot hole from the bottom to place the rear mount holes in the floor. then I open it up to 1/2" from the top. This hole should be near the center of your "plates" that were welded to the bottom. Make more sense?

On 51 and later, with the shackle rear mounts. your rear cab stands should be inline with your factory shackle bolt hole once the front mount bolts are dropped through. Simply open the rear hole up to 1/2" and drop the bolt through.
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