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Re: S10 Swap how to

Sorry all, been kinda busy lately.

Iwanna49; Yes! Use Muriatic acid to cut the wax off the frame before you grind it! I detailed it earlier in this thread. If you just grind the metal, you will only work the wax into the pores. The wax will cause poor weld penetration, as well as bead you welds up, making them more prone to cracking.

User Error; I use the factory wiring for electronic gauges. There is no guarantee that the stock senders are going to be compatible with your gauges. I would replace the stock sender with the senders included. But yes, your voltmeter should work, your speedometer should work as well. For temp and oil pressure, use what comes with the kit. Also, Dolphin may use 0-240 ohm fuel sender, I'm not 100% sure. you may find that you will have to use their sender in your fuel tank. Have you already purchased Dolphin gauges? If not, I would recommend looking for another option. I haven't been too happy with the one's I've installed. Lots of "out of the box" issues, like gauges that don't work.

CaliforniaDaddy; BlueJeep beat me to the punch. Just in from of the forward steering box bolt is where I cut mine as well. By the way Bluejeep, that pic looks suspiciously like a Ford Explorer trans cooler you have mounted there!
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