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Thumbs down Lesson learned the hard way with LMC

Im currently at the point of re-assembling the entire front suspension.

It was a matter of convenience a couple months ago to order ball joints from LMC while I was ordering a few other things. My simple c-frame press wouldnt press out the old lower ball joints so I took the lower a frames to a shop and had the old pressed out and the new pressed in. Now, a couple months later, I have the lower a fames installed--basically the whole front end installed---the last thing to do is compress the spring and fit the lower ball joint. Guess what----the lower ball joint was too short (the taper), the castle nut wouldnt fully cover the stud.
After checking my work, I checked the thickness of the new spindle compared to the old, they were the same. Then I checked the old GM ball joint compared to the new one----Bingo! the new ball joint is about (taper is shorter as well as threaded area) 9/16" shorter.

I called LMC and complained to customer service a bout the difference and the fact that what I ordered wouldnt work. Their answer: Very politely I was told that their parts conformed to GM specs and that there should be no reason for the part not to work. I explained to the rep. the dimensional differences----- IN the end, I screwed myself by ordering an unknown product in the name of convenience.

I have checked Moog (from oriellys) and Duralast (from autozone), both have the same length of the taper and threads as the OEM parts.

So, while LMC is "checking their warehouse", Im dis-assembling the front end again and using the Moog lifetime parts (like I should have done in the first place.)

Now that Im finished with my rant----My point here is: Be careful of what you order online and check EVERYTHING BEFORE you install it, and be careful of lmc suspension parts!!!!

Oh, Im also looking for volunteers today to re-do my front suspension---any takers????
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