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Question Re: Lesson learned the hard way with LMC

Originally Posted by 54belair View Post
Well, the bottom line is--that it was my responsibility to check my parts--I didnt, I took the a frame and parts in a box to the shop and when they came back I didnt know the difference. Now, with that said--its also the responsibility of the vender to ship correct parts---in this case, neither of us did what we were supposed to.

The scary thing is---look at the difference in parts-- the LMC part is on the LEFT--

Both times I ordered a lower ball joint for a 71-72 c10, 1/2 ton 2 whl dr.

when you order the LMC part, the number is 34-1722---and theres no way in H#&& you can tighten it enough to work!

Ive ordered several LMC parts also in the past----but never again on suspension parts
Ok, I have had mixed results from LMC parts--some good, some inferior, some just would not fit/wrong/unuseable. Altho' both my eyes are the same age, they tell me not only that those studs are shorter on LMC's balljoints, BUT also the diameter of the studs are smaller on the LMC joints. Have you checked that dimension also?
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