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Originally Posted by Treachera View Post
Hey Jaros! 3 years, you say? It'll take me 3 years of constant practice to do body work half as good as you do! Your thread had me glued to my computer taking notes!

The 350 in the truck has a serious water leak going on. The exhaust port on cylinder 7 was spraying water like a lawn sprinkler. I'm debating on if I should get that engine rebuilt, or throw in the 305 from the donor truck (which seems to only need valve stem seals replaced) and call it a day. decisions, decisions.
Thanks for the comps, but the real credit goes to the guys on this board! They keep me motivated to turn out a truck that is worthy of this forum.....alot of help from guys ill never meet have been patient with all my dumb questions i am truly amazed at the talent and skill level of guys that hang out here

JMHO, but i would go the easy button. Youll have enough challenges through the rest of the build. Put the 305 in it and at a later time build or buy a engine you want. These crate motors are unbelievably cheap, and a warranty

Good look with you build, mine is stuck in electronics prison
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