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Re: 71 Jimmy

Updates and questions and info..oh my.

So, I dropped the 305/sm465/np205 from my '76 donor Blazer into my '71 Jimmy that had the 350/th350/np205. Some things I noted:

1. The stock exhaust manifolds on the 305 had to be removed to allow the engine to sit flush on the mounts

2. After removing the exhaust manifold, I noticed the oil pan had to be removed as it was resting on the cross member below the engine...

3. The sm465/np205 line up on the tranny cross member in the same spot as the th350/np205 did but, I had to remove the rubber to make it fit though

My question for you pros out there.. how different are the stock auto and manual transmission cross members for the '71? The only thing I can assume is that the manual ones are a bit deeper. I'm going to get my search function on and see if this has come up in any other threads.
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