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Re: INNOVATE DLG1 Wideband O2 Oxygen Sensor Tuning Diagnostics Logging Air Fuel Ratio

Originally Posted by evan View Post
Thanks for posting all that. I hope you're able to get such a good result again after the rebuild.
You're welcome, I appreciate the feedback.

So to be honest with you I am still to get the carb dialed in after the new piston rings went on. It's about 80% there. Not to make any excuses but I swear the temperature has dropped 40 since last time I toyed with it. Seems like we went from Summer to Winter with only about 2 weeks of Fall, ha ha

So we are reminded of the three evil sisters when it comes to performance, Temperature, Humidity, and Elevation.

Now I am in Sacramento, CA so at least Elevation stays the same for the most part, I think we are at sea level or about 9 feet above.

I already mentioned that temperatures went from 80 F the last time I tuned the carb to 40 F and that is a huge change (cold weather packs in more air, the molecules are closer together or something like that) so your truck tends to run leaner in the winter if you don't give it a little attitude adjustment (think idle mix screws and turn them counter clockwise a quarter turn or so)

Well the humidy don't help either, and it don't have to be raining to be at 100% humidity, that don't help either that makes the truck run richer as there is water in the air and therefor less air enters the carb, since each air molecule has a water buddy hanging out with it type a thing.

but stay tuned, (pun intended) I am about to go Def Con 4 on this ol' Holley!

So the only problem is when I start rolling in first gear and accelerate to go into second, the carb leans out to say 20 AFR(ish) way too lean

It could be one of many things, but I am thinking the vacuum secondaries are opening up too soon now and I need to go to a harder / tougher spring

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