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Re: INNOVATE DLG1 Wideband O2 Oxygen Sensor Tuning Diagnostics Logging Air Fuel Ratio

Originally Posted by SkinnyG View Post
...You want good full throttle power, so you make the main jets big enough to feed the engine for full power.

Except that will be too much fuel for good economy when cruising, so we create a valve that can restrict most of that fuel for when you're cruising. On your Holley, it's a Power Valve. On a Q-Jet, it's the metering rods and power piston spring.
I just want to point out that the Power Valve does not "restrict most of that fuel" which when I read your comment implies coming from the main jets. Not trying to argue or say you are right or wrong I am just stating that the Power Valve is an additional circuit or an additional way to get fuel from the float bowl to the main well. The jets give the fuel two paths from the float bowl to the main well. And between those two jets sits the Power Valve and it provides actually two more little holes called PVCRs Power Valve Channel Restrictions which are opened and closed using a single Power Valve. So yes in the end the Power Valve controls how much fuel enters the main well but through its own additional path and not the Main Jets, just thought it was important to clerify that (since it took me a while to learn this so now I must show off what I know, JK, ha ha) again I think we are both trying to say the same thing so I appreciate your comment (as always)
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