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Re: How about some pics of 69-72 Blazers and Jimmys.

It has some cool options; positraction, door edge guards, manual throttle. Not sure why you need manual throttle with a auto trans. I don't know if you asked about CST? You got the deluxe scroll material front bucket seats instead of utility buckets. The deluxe seat backs are plastic and the utility backs were metal. You got deluxe door panels instead of the metal panels. This is on 71 not on 72. All 72 had plastic door panels. The deluxe panels have woodgrain and the outside trim was also woodgrain. The tailgate trim was woodgrain also. You got deluxe pedal trim. And the dash nobs were just black in the standard interior. I may have missed something but I'm sure someone will let you know what other opitions came with the CST.
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